Elixir on ARM architecture?

Hello. I am thinking on purchasing a tinker board to use as a cheap and quiet home server mostly for my experiments. I am thinking about this https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-hc2-home-cloud-two/

Does anyone have any experience with such setup?
Can Elixir be installed in such devices?
Are there any limitations on running Elixir in such devices?
I am interested mostly in doing web development with Phoenix and I will deploy there. Will I have any problems running Phoenix apps?

Are there differences in running Elixir in ARM vs x86_64?

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Have you looked at Nerves?


FWIW I’ve experimentally run Elixir on a Scaleway BareMetal Arm server. I can’t remember the OS but it was probably Debian.

It was fine. Obviously you’ll have to compile your releases for Arm.

EDIT: forgot to link to Scaleway. https://www.scaleway.com/baremetal-cloud-servers/