Elixir on AWS Lambda is coming soon



AWS re:Invent is on at the moment with some interesting announcements. One new feature in particular is the Lambda Runtime API for AWS Lamda. This is how they’ll be supporting new languages on AWS going forward (they just added ruby support through this API).

They’re already working with Alert Logic on building a Elixir and Erlang runtimes.

Looking forward to trying this out. I wonder how well the BEAM would work given it has relatively slow startup time. Still though, no need for a server, spawn up a process, do some work and you’re done, could be interesting.

Elixir on AWS Lambda

Wow, that’s pretty big news for people into serverless. I’m glad to have Elixir/Erlang supported there even though I personally probably won’t use it. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how they develop it.


It is a little concerning that AlertLogic consistently misspells Elixer in their announcement.


You should hear the people from my country almost always pronouncing and writing it as “Elexir”… :107:


Stumbled across this today