Elixir package for Sublime Text 4

I’m happy to finally present to you the best Sublime Text package for Elixir, templates and more! :partying_face: :confetti_ball:

ElixirSyntax – The most powerful Elixir for the most Sublime experience.

In this latest v2.2.0 release I have added support for HEEx and Surface!

@princemaple is the original maintainer of the project. :wave:
I started making lots of contributions in 2019. Over 6 months in the making, the package has undergone a complete rewrite by me and was first released in April this year. After many more improvements and heavy polishing I decided it’s ready to be announced to the wider public.


This is crazy good! Why did you do this?
I spend up to 7 work hours in the editor each day.
I like my tools to be finely honed in order to be efficient and to enjoy my craft.

Why use ST4 with this plugin?
It all comes down to personal preferences. My top reasons for using ST are:

  • Speed of: startup, typing, rendering, searching, plugins
  • Low memory usage
  • Git integration
  • Easy-to-use GUI

Is it perfect?
By no means, no. Neither is Sublime Text nor the package. ST4 has received great updates and a much better syntax highlighting engine is one of them. However, the engine still has limitations and some fundamental issues remain. The syntax definition language in YAML with regular expressions is also not the best possible way to define a computer language grammar.

What about the elixir-tmbundle package?
Josè based it off of a Ruby package and I think it served its purpose well. There’s a ticket on Github discussing my efforts.
I incidentally met José last week at ElixirConf and we talked about this stuff. He promised he’d try out my package soon. I hope you will now, José! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What about alternative editors?
There are plenty and I have tried many. Even if some of them are incredible I just can’t use them for one reason or another. Mainly for the top reasons I mentioned above.
I’m following the tree-sitter project with great interest and hope that it will be combined with a great editor in the near future. I will consider switching from ST as soon as that happens (note: ST won’t be using tree-sitter). I know there are projects like NeoVim and others but nothing stable and attractive afaics.

Can I somehow highlight code for my slides?
Of course! Just select some code, open the console panel (Ctrl+`) and enter view.export_to_html(view.sel()).
I have seen so many slides with Elixir code in them and the highlighting was just not the best it could be. I hope speakers take notice and create more beautiful slides from now on in the future. :ok_hand::sunglasses:



Looks great :+1: