Elixir/Phoenix + Frontend Developer, Remote, Germany

Introductory paragraph

We are going to extend an Elixir/Phoenix portal with a back office application

Backend will be written in Elixir/Phoenix, Frontend tbd.

Devops provided
Spec and Use cases provided.

About us

My name: Christoph
My position: Lead developer
Company name: Quantor Consulting
Website: https://quantor.consulting
Country: Germany
Company info and history: Young consultant company with its first Elixir project. Currently two Elixir developers onsite.

About the job

Job title: Elixir Developer
Salary range: tbd EUR/h
Position on remote work: fully remote if wanted. Onsite possible.
Qualifications or experience required: Elixir, Phoenix, clear understanding and usage of Elixirs possibilities and advantages/benefits over other ecosystems. JS-frameworks for frontend development
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Backend code + Phoenix templating + JS/TS

About the interview process

Remote via Teams or onsite.

Further info

This is a freelancer position. First goal is to code the pilot until end of September. If this succeeds, this product is going to be rolled out and the contract can be extended.

If you cannot provide 100% of your capacity we also accept everything between 50% - 80%


Do you have restrictions on work hours (such as timezones)?

If it’s manageable not. Though it’s mandatory, that for meetings or other questions at least some overlap exists.