Elixir/Phoenix fullstack @ french startup (Lyon, France, but remote ok)

Digiforma, a french Training Management Resources System (SaaS product), is looking for a fullstack engineer.
We are a very small company, but our solution has a fast sustained growth and seriously starts to kick ass in the french market of TRMS.
We are a fully and successfully bootstraped company (no investor/startup/out-of-money shenanigans). This is a long term position with a lot of potential for those willing to do more than coding.
French fluency mandatory !!!

About us

My name: Henri Morlaye
My position: Cofounder
Company name: Digiforma
Website: https://www.digiforma.com
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc) :

Digiforma is a Phoenix+Vue.js app running on Heroku.

About the job

Job title: Full time fullstack developper
Job description:
Salary range:
Position on remote work: No problem, we are a 100% remote company
Qualifications or experience required: Some experience with Rails or Phoenix, junior accepted
Language: Fluency in french mandatory

Further info

Contact me: henri.morlaye@digiforma.com

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A french description of the job is here: https://aworldforus.welcomekit.co/jobs/developpeur-web-fullstack-elixir-phoenix_lyon

Not related directly to the job, but is elixir picking up steam in the French speaking world?

Very slowly but yes, more and more job openings.


Sadly, not available right now but that’s very interesting phoenix and training, everything I’m currently working on (or trying to amongst other things) !
Maybe in a few months…

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I read the whole thing, and when I get to the end, It reads: “Language: Fluency in french mandatory” :expressionless:
Should have been put at the top


Oh you’re right. Sorry about that.