Elixir phoenix graphql react project

Greetings everyone!

I have been learning Erlang/Elixir for the past year and was finally able to put together a project for rentals


I want to thank the community for answering questions and providing/explaining in detail the problems that users faced. I like to read the forum topics because most of the time, I was able to find answers to issues I was running into. Thank you!


  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Postgresql β†’ 2 databases ( 1 for transactions and another a read-only for queries. The read-only is a replication of the 1st database using PostgreSQL WAL)
  • Absinthe for Graphql [ queries, mutations, subscritions]
  • Cloak for user data encryption
  • ExAws S3 for uploading files to the cloud [ I am evaluating different S3 providers so right now uploading files to the server]
  • Cachex for caching frequently accessed data.
  • bamboo for authentication emails
  • Using SSL certificates with Phoenix.
  • Nginx for reverse proxy ← I have not done yet but plan to do.


  • React
  • React apollo
  • Apollo in-memory cache
  • Mantine library


  • Backend: I deployed the backend on a cloud server running Ubuntu 22. To learn, I have installed everything manually on the server.

  • Frontend: I deployed on Cloudflare pages.

I appreciate it if you can take a look and comment/suggest/critique the stack. I am still learning so I am open to suggestions and/or comments.

Thank you,


Very nice! Congratulations! I know that’s a great feeling to get that far!

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