Elixir/ Phoenix LiveView and (your) hosting costs

Hey everyone,

I currently use Rails and am learning Elixir/ OTP and soon, Phoenix LiveView.

I’ve always been interested to see how various frameworks stack up in terms of running costs. Is anyone willing to share what Phoenix LiveView projects they work on and what the running costs are? Metrics like monthly server/ hosting, db fees etc would be interesting to note.


I run two fairly low traffic Phoenix LiveView sites off of a Hetzner 2gb RAM instance for about $5/month (€3.85/mo)

DB lives on the app server so no db fees


Same Hetzner instance here but I got 3 apps.
All with db on the server so no costs here.
They’re pretty low traffic as well but I still have a lot of room on the server to go.

I work on 2 apps that are hosted on Fly and they don’t cost much either (can’t go much on details but one of them has a decent amount of traffic).

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That’s interesting to note. I wonder how much load/ traffic a 2GB instance with a DB on the same could sustain before needing horizontal scaling?

As a scenario, let’s suppose one wrote an MVP to validate a SaaS app idea and deployed it to gather feedback and build a mailing list. What managed hosting plan with auto-scaling would be a good minimum? Something like Heroku + Judoscale, but for Phoenix LiveView?