Elixir/Phoenix Software Engineer @ Summa Linguae Canada - Remote

About Us

We are a language and technology company that’s looking for a full stack developer to join our core team full-time to build and scale a tech product that supports the development of AI.

My name: Anas Al Salah
My position: Software Development Manager
Company name: Summa Linguae Technologies
Website: http://summalinguae.com/
Country: Canada
Company info and history: Our crowdsourcing platform Robson was built with Ruby on Rails. We are in the process of building a faster and better backend using Elixir/Phoenix, deployed using Gigalixir.

About the job
You will translate business requirements into technical specs, write and review code, and establish development processes as well as quality standards. You will help build an agile, scalable deployment and production workflow.

Job title: Software Engineer
Job description:
Salary range: 80,000+ CAD
Position on remote work: This is a remote position
Qualifications or experience required:

  • 3+ years of experience with software development.
  • You are experienced as a technical/team lead.
  • You have experience with Elixir/Phoenix and Python.
  • You are able to work at least 4 hours in the PST timezone.

Bonus Skills:

  • You are familiar with Ruby on Rails
  • React-native mobile development
  • Postgres, Redis

About the interview process
The interview involves answering some technical questions and a live Elixir coding test.

Further info
Please send your resumes to anas.alsalah [at] summalinguae.com