Elixir Phoenix webpack keeps recompiling constantly while running


I have an elixir phoenix project that has some react webpack goody in it.
Now when I start the project with mix phx.server everything start up nicely, but webpack keeps recompiling the project without having any file changes made to any of the files.

I experience the same on my m1 mac locally and if I run the project in a dev container as well.

This is the output:

[Sentry Webpack Plugin] Creating new release:
[Sentry Webpack Plugin] Calling upload-sourcemaps with:
  finalize: true,
  rewrite: true,
  include: [ './../priv/static' ],
  deploy: { env: 'production' },
  dryRun: true
[Sentry Webpack Plugin] Finalizing release:
[Sentry Webpack Plugin] Calling deploy with:
  env: 'production',
  started: undefined,
  finished: undefined,
  time: undefined,
  name: undefined,
  url: undefined
assets by status 33.8 MiB [cached] 6 assets
Entrypoint app 19 MiB = ../css/app.css 265 KiB app.js 18.8 MiB
Entrypoint demo 3.29 MiB = ../css/demo.css 57.4 KiB demo.js 3.24 MiB
Entrypoint live 11.5 MiB = ../css/live.css 144 KiB live.js 11.4 MiB
cached modules 7.64 MiB (javascript) 6.32 KiB (runtime) [cached] 1165 modules
modules by layer 300 bytes (javascript) 351 KiB (css/mini-extract)
  modules by path ./css/*.css 200 bytes (javascript) 332 KiB (css/mini-extract)
    javascript modules 200 bytes 4 modules
    css modules 332 KiB 4 modules
  modules by path ./node_modules/ 100 bytes (javascript) 19.4 KiB (css/mini-extract)
    javascript modules 100 bytes
      ./node_modules/tippy.js/dist/tippy.css 50 bytes [built]
      ./node_modules/@shoelace-style/shoelace/dist/themes/light.css 50 bytes [built]
    css modules 19.4 KiB
      css ./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js!./node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js!./node_modules/tippy.js/dist/tippy.css 1.38 KiB [built]
      css ./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js!./node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js!./node_modules/@shoelace-style/shoelace/dist/themes/light.css 18 KiB [built]
webpack 5.51.1 compiled successfully in 1029 ms

The project is working fine, but it really ramps up the heat, and is just a waste.

Any tips or ideas as to what might be causing this?


In the dev config I have:
watchers: [ npm: [ "run", "watch", cd: Path.expand("../assets", __DIR__) ] ]

If I comment this part out the problem stops. So this might be the cause