Elixir Podcasts





A lot of good ones listed. Here is a new one from the organizers of Empex https://m.soundcloud.com/elixirtalk


A little old (March 2016), but it was interesting to hear Chris compare Rails and Phoenix:


Because this is a pinned, I wanted to add the new Elixir Outlaws podcast to this topic. However, there is already a thread about it here: Elixir Outlaws - New Elixir Podcast


I discovered ElixirTalk by @desmond and @cjbell yesterday. I’ve just listened to three episodes so far (#105, #106, #122) and I like it a lot. I’ll be a regular listener foing forward :slight_smile:


Check out the latest episode (#336) of Software Engineering Radio. Our friend @sasajuric does a great job of presenting Elixir and how it related to the rest of the Erlang/OTP ecosystem, etc.

I love seeing people talk about Elixir outside of “our own” conferences, podcasts and blogs; appealing to a wider audience. This is essential for wider adoption. Thank you, Saša! :purple_heart:


Tech stack: Elixir/Erlang/Java ReactJS



My Elixir podcast rotation is ElixirMix, ElixirTalk and ElixirOutlaws. I’ve been on all 3 talking about Erlex and Dialyxir but they’re awesome independent of my own episodes =)


Apologies. That should say “Elixir Outlaws”. I shouldn’t write forum comments while on the train.