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Elixir Quiz that tests your Knowledge in Elixir Programming.

Elixir Functional Programming Test Intermediate level
:pen: 30 questions · :stopwatch: 30 sec · :twisted_rightwards_arrows: questions

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Check your knowledge in Elixir Programming.


That was fun. Thanks. :slight_smile: Sometimes the question was a bit unreadable because of the formatting, but otherwise good. I learned a few things. :ok_hand:

Coding questions are weird looking have to check them
Thanks for the feedback @EsikMag

Can confirm the strange formatting. Telegram client on the mac.

@egzeThough I added new lines, it is still having the format error. Even in desktop clients and android people are complaining about the format.
Anyway, thanks for taking the quiz and sharing feedback.

Glad to anounce that this quiz nominated for educational section.
It’s very surprising and exciting …

Let’s make elixir win

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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