Elixir Round Table (Podcast)

Episode #3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdhK0QPN61E

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In response to the webpack fustrations which I totally get has anyone taken a look at using esbuild? esbuild - Getting Started

I would love to know the tradeoffs or comparisons to webpack from the people who have tried both. Also the tailwind/Alpine JS community are getting more behind esbuild vs webpack. Due to the growing popularity of both tailwind/alpine I expect to see more people using esbuild in the near future.

I have to say it has been so much more delightful working in Alpine JS and I really hope more people here give it an honest try.


I’ve watched parts of the video out of curiosity and one thing that comes to mind is that this whole Javascript-land expertise the Phoenix team is gaining from LiveView work could be really useful in a project like Unpoly.

Rails people have Hotwire; perhaps Phoenix could adopt Unpoly 2’s JS engine for LiveView and allow tighter integration with the ecosystem.


I’ve never seen Unpoly before thank you. This looks very interesting.

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Episode #5

YouTube: Elixir Roundtable #5 - YouTube
Podcast: https://roundtables.dockyard.com/5

Should be published to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify within 24 hours


These are great, thanks for sharing!

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