Elixir.run - collection of open source apps written in Elixir

Hi, inspired by https://react.rocks and https://pwa.rocks, I decided that would be nice to have something similar for Elixir apps. And here it is: https://elixir.run. Source code for the app is available at Github, however I didn’t write README yet, sorry about that - will do as soon as finish some other stuff.
I’ve added just a few apps so far, more coming, but I hope for community contribution as well. Also, talking about contribution, issues (and, of course, PRs) are very welcome too.

UPD: Site is back, Gitlab CI is soo slow sometimes


Submitted an app (firestorm, the forum app from dailydrip) but the file upload for the logo did not work at all :confused:

Thank you for submission and sorry about that, seems to be new Uploadcare widget issue. I’ll try to figure out but so far you can send me image url here via direct message.
Others can add image url to description - since all the submissions are checked manually, I’ll update them in proper way.

Ok, I didn’t get a response from Uploadcare team so far and downgraded widget so images upload is working again now.


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