Elixir SOAP server

Is there any way I can publish a soap server using elixir/phoenix?

I have been looking around for libraries but all of them are to act as a SOAP client, any suggestion?


Oh you are going down a bad path… SOAP/WSDL/etc… is horrible…

/me finishes reeling from flashbacks in a past life…

However, yes Elixir is find for SOAP, and the reason there are not any server libraries is that no one has needed to make one yet (SOAP should really be dead…), but it would not be hard to make one. Now if you wanted to make a full fancy one with automatic typing and WSDL generation and such, that would take longer, but if you just want to do enough to ‘get it done’, then it is fairly easy to do. First think of your endpoints, how things should connect, the protocols that they are already using (I am assuming you are wanting to emulate an existing server, if you are making something ‘new’ then please please do not use SOAP), and once you have that gathered up then it will be pretty easy to put it in. :slight_smile:


You are totally right, I’m feeling like going to Mordor, anyway I’m asking because one of the business partners has everything in SOAP /cries in fetal position/ and they need some services from us in that way.

This is totally a business decision, really bad one but sadly I can’t change it.

Thanks for your help.


Sounds like my last job. :wink:

/me sobs from 8 years of that pain…

If you need anything else in making it up, feel free to ask here again. First steps is definitely getting at least the complete and entire WSDL definitions from the remote server for the parts that you need to copy; with those you should be able to implement it decently well. :slight_smile:


bet365 have an erlang lib. which also talks about serving SOAP… maybe a good start.


Huh, that did not exist a few years ago when I needed it. ^.^

Looks young with not a lot of commits, but seems to do a lot, worth looking at.