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Senior Elixir Engineer - New York, USA
Fullstack Developer - Remote

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Hi everyone!
I’m working at Andjaro and we are extending the tech team (from 10 to ~15). I’m not the best sales guy so I won’t try to write the awesome message that will blow your mind and make sure you apply or contact me :slightly_smiling_face:
However I want to tell you why I enjoy working in this company:
I really care about the mission, and I’m feeling really lucky to be able to use tech for a product with a positive social impact.
Full remote is in the DNA of the tech team as people are already working from different countries (UK, France, Spain, Estonia, Korea) but I can go to this office when I want (not now of course …) and I like to be able to see colleagues in real life!
I enjoy working in a company at this stage: current product already used by big clients but a lot of new things to build to extend the product, to make it scale, and to target other verticals, and enough money raised (20+ millions euros) to be able to do great things.
Multiple positions open. Feel free to ping me if you want to know more about the company or the challenges we have right now.

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Reading that I understand that I can work fully remotely at least in Europe and Asia (mentioned countries), but that’s unfortunately not true (or there is a mistake) … This is quote from linked page:

Full remote work from either UK, Spain or France. You can also work in our Paris office located in Le Marais, if you prefer.

Everybody makes a mistakes, so no need to worry. What surprised me is a mention about Korea and Estonia as reading your description makes me think that you are also open to people from those countries. Of course I fully understand that accepting people from 2 continents is difficult, but that does not apply to Estonia which its timezone is close to Europe/London.

Hi @Eiji

There are some mismatches between the site and the announcement.
A little bit over a year, everyone was working in Paris, then for developers the remote possibility opened for UK and Spain (I work from Barcelona). In the meanwhile, two of our colleagues moved to Korea and Estonia so that’s how we got to the current list.

Now I don’t really make the decisions about the countries, but I think more cpuntries would be acceptable for remote. The difficulties for some contries might be related to the specific employment laws etc.

I hope this answers the question :slight_smile:

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