Elixir Software Engineer (All Levels) - Catalyx, Vancouver, Canada (Remote)

About us

Catalyx.io specializes in cryptocurrency trading, blockchain solution and cybersecurity technology. As a fully regulated Cryptocurrency exchange with FINTRAC, Catalyx has the highest standards in security and compliance and is partnered with world-trusted names in Blockchain technologies, risk management and financial solutions, to provide their users with a trusted, secure platform. Catalyx gives access to 240+ assets and markets.

  • My name: Suzie Sohn
  • My position: HR Representative
  • Company name: Catalyx
  • Company Website: catalyx.io
  • Company headquarters: CANADA

About the Job

  • Job title: Elixir Software Engineer (All-levels)
  • Job description: Participate in high-level system architecture and software design decision making. Build new and existing features in our cryptocurrency software architecture. Understand the inner workings and business logic that go into the Catalyx app. Work with other team members to define requirements and develop a new software product from the ground up. Determine operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, problems, requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions. Define problems, collect data, establish facts and improve existing software solutions. Read, analyze, and interpret technical documents. Software debugging, documentation and testing.
  • Salary range: $56,000 ~ 140,000 (negotiable)
  • Position on remote work: Remote


  • 3-5 years of experience as an Elixir software developer (preferred).
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in any relevant discipline of computer science.
  • 1-2 years of experience working with concurrent and distributed systems (preferred).
  • Strong working knowledge of PostgreSQL.
  • Past experience building and maintaining GraphQL.
  • Past experience building GraphQL APIs, or advanced knowledge of REST.
  • Familiar with creating queries using APIs.
  • Familiar with Docker and AWS.
  • Experience of working with cross-functional remote teams in an Agile software development framework.
  • Ability to write useful and maintainable tests.

About the interview process
An initial screening interview will be held, and if applicants pass we will proceed with the second interview with our Senior engineer and project manager.

Further info
If interested in this position please email suzie@catalyx.io

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