Elixir Software Engineer, India, full time onsite

This is an India(Pune) based, full time Elixir-Dev job opening.

About us

My name: Arpit Shah
My position: Software Analyst
Company name: CLSA
Website: http://www.clsa.com
Country: India
Company info : We are an Investment Bank. We are using elixir in more than 10 services/products now.
You may have notice our name on CNBC and Stock related tv-programs.

About the job
We are looking for a fullstack dev with Elixir and reactjs knowledge.

Job title: Software Engineer
Job description: Elixir and Reactjs Developer - to create new Customer Oriented Solutions
Salary range: 6 to 10 L (Indian Lakh)
Position on remote work: Pune, India based.
Qualifications or experience required: 1 to 7 years of experience.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Elixir, Reacjs and should have decent grasp on CSS and UI/UX.

About the interview process

It’s very straight-forward.
There will be 2 main calls. There are no coding rounds for this position.

  1. Technical Round
  2. Round with CIO/Hiring Manager - It may involve some technical details.

Further info

Please send your resume to arpit.shah@clsa.com or arpit5356@gmail.com.
If you are in India, consider contacting me on: 9923467208.



Hi All,

Thanks a lot for discussion on this post.
Let me answer the most common questions that we have got so far.

  1. Is it contract based position or full-time job ?
    => It’s a Full time Job. No contracts.

  2. Can freshers with 0 years of experience apply ?
    => Unfortunately, No.
    However if you have good open-source contribution, we count that as experience.

  3. Is elixir must for this job ?
    => We prefer people elixir experience. However if you have some experience and are willing to learn it on job, you are most welcome.

  4. Where do we use elixir ?
    => We have more than 10 services/products now that uses Elixir.
    Mainly we use it for:

  • Graphql APIs
  • AWS Wrappers (Transcoding, Translate, S3)
  • RabbitMQ providers & consumers
  • ETL jobs - These are postgres/oracle/mssql heavy but language level instrumentation is done via elixir and ecto
  • Alerting Systems
  • As API wrapper for third party apis - e.g. we have wrappers for aws-services like mentioned in #2, for keycloak and so on…

We use liveview only in 2 of these apps.
And all other things are either standard graphql apis, wrappers or pure elixir code.

Do let me know if you have any question.