Elixir source code search engine

Does there exist a source code search engine for Elixir projects? For Haskell there is Hoogle which is really convenient for seeing how others implement certain algorithms and functions.

Hoogle is a Haskell API search engine, which allows you to search many standard Haskell libraries by either function name, or by approximate type signature.

There are some general-purpose code search engines out there but it’s nice to have one dedicated for the language. That way, the search filters can take advantage of the peculiarities of the language, allowing one to search by type definition, for example.

If there isn’t one out there yet, it could be a fun project and boon for the community.


This isba really good idea. Hoogle gets most of its strength from the ability to seach for a specific type signature.

While Elixir is of course dynamically typed and not everyone uses (accurate) @specs, we do have documentation as first-class citizen, which would make a search engine absolutely awesome.


I usually end up searching github for examples, but their search isn’t ideal.


I would love to get involved in this project under the tutelage of someone with more experience than myself. I can dedicate 6 - 8 hours per week on a project like this.