Elixir StatsD integration with Statix & Grafana with InfluxDB

I want to integrate StatsD into my elixir application I am using Statix library and for backend I am using Garafana, Telgraf and Influxdb.

I am able to see the normal metrics but not the tags.

I am getting error like
[inputs.statsd] Splitting '|', unable to parse metric: http.request.200.count:1|c|@1.0|#method:GET,handler:statuscontroller_status,env:dev,service:carbon

Snippet used to send this metrics

status_count = "#{prefix}.#{conn.status}.count"
      tag1 = "method:#{conn.method}"
      tag2 = "handler:#{controller}_#{action}"

      MyApp.Statix.increment(status_count, 1, sample_rate: 1.0, tags: [tag1, tag2])

Any help would be great.