Elixir Succinctly (Syncfusion) (self-published) (free)

By @emadb


Author Emanuele DelBono guides readers along the first steps of mastering the Elixir programming language in Elixir Succinctly . Providing a brief overview of Elixir’s history and purpose and clear instructions to create an app with Elixir, DelBono makes it easy for developers who wish to add a new language to their repertoire.


  • The Language
  • The Platform
  • Sample Application

Syncfusion has a series of free books on various subjects. In their recent contest, this Elixir book came in 2nd along with a book on Business Flow.

Book URL: https://www.syncfusion.com/ebooks/elixir-succinctly

Contest link: https://www.syncfusion.com/awards/succinctlyseries/2020succinctlyreadersawards


Ah nice! I had no idea @emadb was writing an Elixir book! Congrats Emanuele!

Seems like a nice length too - I think I might read it as a refresher as it’s been a while since I read Programming Elixir and Elixir in Action.

Let’s make this the official thread for the book and move it to our books section :023:


Hi @AstonJ Thank you.
The book is really an introduction to the language and the OTP.
I’m very happy to be one of the contest winner and I hope that this would help Elixir to gain traction and to increase its usage among more and more developers!


Awesome, congratulations @emadb, I’m sure this has introduced Elixir to some new people and clearly has been well received. I was completely unaware of this series all together so will have to check it out and possibly some of the other titles.


Hello, @emadb. How are you?

I’m reading your book and I’m liking. But I’m having a problem in the code of the rover in the chapter 3. In the page 68 you used a function mod/2 but when a run the tests I receive the followed message warning: undefined function mod/2. My Erlang/OTP is 23 and Elixir is 1.11.2. My question is: this is the correct function or this function in my Elixir version does not exist more?

Since now, thank you for your attention.

It should be Integer.mod/2 now.

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HI @alvesgabriel!

The book is quite old but most of that is still valuable.
Like @APB9785 said you should use Integer.mod/2. Sorry for the error!


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@APB9785 , thank you. That worked.

No problem. Thank you for your answer and the book that is helping me understand Elixir better.

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