Elixir support in windows

Can i use Elixir/Phoenix stack on windows servers?

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It should be possible, but you might need to take special care when picking your dependencies. Especially dependencies that require NIFs might require extra work and toolsets installed.


Yes you can.

You can, but watch out for dependencies that need to do native (likely C or C++) compilation. Windows is infamous for being problematic with compilation environment out of the box.

We have a large system with a broad range of dependencies, and our devs use a mix of windows, mac and linux. None of them have experienced any issues with packages that aren’t supported on Windows. Phoenix runs on Windows just fine, as do our 75 or so deps.

My only complaint is that compilation on Windows is much slower than on Mac or Linux.

Cheers – Michael Watson


Your Windows devs probably have MSVC build environment setup already? Something as simple as bcrypt_elixir can’t be installed on a vanilla Windows machine.

Interesting, @dimitarvp. Yes, I think you’re right, most of the Windows machines do have VisualStudio 2015 or some flavor of 2017.

Regardless, we’ve yet to encounter a dependency we couldn’t run natively on Windows. Maybe we’re just lucky.

Cheers – Michael Watson