Elixir/sveltekit co-founder wanted

Hi All,

Firstly, if this is the wrong place to post this then I apologize, it didn’t seem like the other categories were applicable either but if there’s a more appropriate place place then (admins) feel free to close this thread and let me know where I should add it.

With that out of the way I’m currently deep in development of http://www.declutr.ai and at this point I’m looking for additional technical co-founders to join the party.

The goal is to initially target self learners and acedemics and I plan a launch for beta users (who I have a modest list of) within a few weeks.

The Stack

  • Elixir/Phionex (api only)
  • Svelte/sveltekit
  • Oban (job processor) but potentially moving to Temporal.io
  • OpenAI leveraging embeddings and conversation api
  • Twillio
  • Etc

The goal is to allow for digital scatter brains to continue working in the environments they use and to take important signals from these environments to help users make sense of their scatter genius.

Using AI to automatically, organize and guide users to fulfill their goals.

Current functionality

  • A unified stream of all users notes (Evernote, gdocs, notion etc)/messages (WhatsApp, FB messenger, email)/bookmarks (browser extension)

  • Auto tagging and categorization for all imported items.

  • Extraction of links, files and images along with their meta data

  • Goal based workspaces where users can reorganize and effectively use the imported items.

  • In app notes/docs that allows simple referencing of this imported data.

  • AI guidance that takes the imported information and allows users to ask clarifying questions about their data such as clarification about any content in links imported

  • Visual boards and brainstorming tool to allow users to create visually appealing shareable ideas boards from the information they import.

  • AI generated task suggestions and action plans

In the works are:

  • Automatic concept graphs and learning trees

  • Flash card and quiz generation for any learning related material.

Get Involved

If I haven’t misposted this and anyone things what I’m working on interests them then if love to chat to you. To set expectations, I have purposely hacked at this to move fast so don’t expect perfection, right now I’m looking for people who can work is a bit of chaos codewise, but know the difference when it comes to further enhancements.

Thanks Chris, and again my apologies if this isn’t the right place for this type of post.

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My comment has nothing to do with Elixir or what you’ve posted; it’s just a small observation about my experience of your website.

For the most part it’s slick and fine and I’ve no real complaint… except for those step-by-step cards that slowly appear on the right side close-ish to the top of the page. It’s not uncommon for me to skip that stuff and scroll down to “the meat” of the text to figure out what the product is and I did so with your page. Just as I was reading “DeClutr your mind…” that step-by-step presentation finally caught up and because it’s bigger than the starting space that it’s initially put in (at least for me), it started bumping what I was reading out of view. So it was distracting because something that was (for me) off-screen was causing what I was reading to suddenly jerk out of view (and off the bottom)… but it also defeated the message “DeClutr your mind”; because it was in that moment of just having read that phrase my first take was that the phrase was ironic: my mind was becoming more cluttered and distracted, not less.

I’m making this all sound like a much bigger deal than it is, but given my sort of visceral response to the juxtaposition of the message and this display issue I thought it’d be worthwhile to point out.

Otherwise, best of luck on your search!


Hy @sbuttgereit,

Thank you for your opinion, and your absolutely right it’s extreemly offputting to have the content jump down as your reading!

I admit I have so much to get through that the landing page was a bit of an after thought and it could be much better, I freely admit to not been much of a designer.

I have now set the right section poistion to overflow with a little js to scroll the container on each animation setp. This feels a little better, though I would love to give this much more love. Let me know your thoughts, hopefully your reaction is a little less visceral.


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