Elixir Task that uses Shaka Packager to Encode HLS vs. Backblaze/Bunny/Cloudflare/Cloud

I have moved my mp4, mp3 audio/video library to backblaze and I even set up a pull zone/cdn for it on bunny.net that I confirmed is working. I noticed bunny can encode video to HLS.

Is it possible for me to integrate that feature into my workflow? Like perhaps have

  • bunny take an mp4 on backblaze,
  • encode it to HLS, and then
  • place the resultant files on my backblaze s3 bucket?

Because short of having bunny or cloudflare be able to do that for me, I could otherwise setup Shaka Packager as an external application and call it as a Task? However, if I do that I’d still need to transfer the resulting bunch of files to my backblaze S3 bucket, which I see as a potentially difficult task.

Or am I looking at this the right way?

regards, Michael

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