Elixir Technical Lead - Strong Compute, Sydney, Australia, hybrid model

About us
Strong Compute is helping shape the future of AI acceleration in the fields of self-driving, aerial and medical, by developing optimizations can speed up the training process by 10x to 1,000x, depending on the model, pipeline and framework.

My name: Ben Sand
My position: CEO
Company name: Strong Compute
Company website: https://strongcompute.com/
Company headquarters (country): Australia
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):
AI training can take days, weeks, or even months. By combining the power of every accessible high performance computer, that time can be brought down dramatically. We’re using Elixir to build a cloud management platform that integrates high-performance resources from multiple cloud vendors in real time, enabling efficient and secure allocation of compute power for AI acceleration, with strong cost controls.

About the job

Job title: Technical Lead
Job description: You’ll work with engineers at the top of their game, helping customers around the world by optimizing performance speeds and removing bottlenecks in machine learning training pipelines.
Salary range: Up to $200k AUD base + super + stock options
Position on remote work: hybrid model of 3 weeks/month, based in Sydney, Australia.
Qualifications or experience required: Looking for someone with ~3 years of experience with Elixir and Phoenix, and/or 5 years of functional development experience and solid cloud Ops experience. Experience managing developers as well.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:
You’re here to marshall the compute resources of the planet for one goal: AI acceleration.Your team’s goal is to integrate each cloud vendor with high performance resources and make them accessible in real time as new workloads spin up. Most critically, you will be in charge of tooling that can direct work for $500M+ of compute and growing. You will need to ensure it is managed efficiently, securely and with strong cost controls in place.

About the interview process

  • You’ll meet with our CEO for a phone or virtual conversation where you’ll share your experience, ask questions and tell us what you’re interested in.
  • Technical Assessment (ideally in person), with a chance to meet engineers on the team.
  • Final round of cultural/behavioral assessment.

Further info
Email andrea@lookahead.com.au with any questions; or submit an application here - Elixir Technical Lead — Lookahead | Technical Recruiting

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