Elixir Tokyo

Hello Everyone!

Not sure how many lurkers there are here who are based in Japan but I’ve decided to set up Elixir Tokyo (assuming no-one minds ;-D).

I’ll be doing two talks as follows:

  1. What’s so great about Elixir anyway?

  2. Contexts and the structure of Phoenix 1.3 (currently at release candidate 2)

They’ll probably be quite short but hopefully explain some useful things about Elixir. You can register and read more about the event here:


You might also be interested in this group: https://beam-lang.connpass.com/event/


I am learning Japanese but unfortunately I’m not at the level to even read the meet ups yet! Thanks though :slight_smile:!

Hi @aphillipo,

I know that N2O is used in cryptocurrency field in Japan, so there should a lot of very interesting material around you.

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Wow, nice to see something around Elixir going on here in Tokyo, guess I’m in :slight_smile:

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Nice to see Elixir gaining traction in Japan. There was a recent Elixir Conf here in April, some of the talks were pretty good!

I’m based in Niigata so Tokyo is a bit far for me, but the topics sounds very interesting – especially Contexts in Phoenix 1.3 (which is something I’ve been wrestling with lately).

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@gpb I’ll send you the slides I come up with - it’ll probably just look at how I’m using them. I might be using them wrong of course but I have very specific needs that I’m planning for (moving purchases to a write performant datastore will one of the first things I need to do). To some degree it just provides an internal API for my app.

For most functions though I’m now passing in a current user object as everything needs to be filtered by who you are. I wish there was a conn.assigns type construct for Contexts as a lot of times you end up passing in the same thing over and over again.

I might also do a demo of a Context as a GenServer or Agent.

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@aphillipo - that would be fantastic, thanks!

I had set aside some time to work thru the 1.3 Phoenix changes, but have been pulled into some front-end work (and definitely need to catch up).

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