Elixir twitch stream

Yea, excellent suggestion! I’ll add something to the twitch channel that covers that.

Another Twitch streamer here, at the moment I am streaming live coding on Elixir, here it is my channel. You’ll find there all the information about that channel :slight_smile: Looking forward to meet you there and maybe start some pair programming session with you. I will be very glad to help you on some Elixir open source project and learn more about this programming language from you :heart:

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Are those videos public and still there? I would like to watch them.

Do you still twitch elixir coding?


Here’s a playlist of the ones I did. It’s missing the very first one, because I didn’t understand how to get twitch to save it.

I haven’t since I did this. Though, I’m not ruling it out in the future. But, there are some tricky things about it. Programming, while trying to explain what I’m doing was great for keeping me super focused. However, it’s also extremely draining. This project was done over maybe two or three weeks. Sometimes multiple nights in a row. That happened in part because I was also building something I wanted to ship. However, it wasn’t particularly sustainable and once I had finished writing the core of the library I didn’t have any other similarly sized projects to work on.