Elixir twitch stream

Hi everyone! I’ve recently started streaming on twitch whenever I work on open source. Wanted to mention it in case anyone is interested. https://go.twitch.tv/blatyo

I generally stream around 6:30 PM EST during the work week. I’m not sure exactly what my schedule will be, but I’ve been posting it each day so people who are interested can try to fit it in.

Recently I’ve been working on an SQS adapter for a message queue framework I wrote. Tonight I’ll be doing some work with the SQS API to fetch messages and probably some work with GenStage. There’s a video from last night up as well, where I worked on a supervision hierarchy, a GenStage producer, and unit tests for both.

If you do check it out, I’d love feedback.



Followed, I am thinking about doing the same myself. Looking forward to following along!


Cool, I hope you do. Let me know if you have any questions. This blog post was what got me to finally make the jump: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/lessons-from-my-first-year-of-live-coding-on-twitch-41a32e2f41c1

Gives a lot of good advice about how to actually run one.

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Why Twitch and not Youtube? I’m wondering whether it might be useful to have them persisted somewhere?

(Or does Twitch keep archives that can be visited later as well?)

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I personally don’t think of youtube as a streaming platform. If I wanted to find a streamer, I’d look on twitch. As far as archives, twitch will keep previous broadcasts for a short period of time (as long as you enable it). You can export to YouTube to keep it permanently, which is what I do.

I’ll be streaming again tonight. I’ll be doing it 8PM-10PM EST. Tonight I’ll be setting up message processing, a registry, and GenStage subscriptions.

Really? I use youtube for streaming, it is significantly more reliable than twitch for me (I use linux for note). Plus it has conversations, moderating, various other features like voting and such as well. Youtube is a powerful streaming platform. And you can of course optionally store them or make them public or whatever else as well.

All the people I know who stream use twitch. I’m sure YouTube works fine for streaming, I’ve just never gone there to look for an active stream; just archives. I’ve not had a problem with using twitch, but I’ve only been using it this week and I’m on OS X. Twitch has most of the features you mention except voting, but I think it’s common to use a bot to give a lot more functionality in chat. I haven’t really needed anything beyond the basics so far.

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That’s good :023: I’d definitely recommend them being archived as it would seem a waste if they are streamed just once.

Also agree with ODL about YouTube - the streams I’ve seen on there have always been excellent, one of the big ones I saw on Twitch was the Sony/Playstation one I think, and it was good too. I’m sure either is fine so long as they end up persisted somewhere :003:

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This is the key right here! I’ve tended to ignore twitch streams because most I’ve looked for stop existing when done (I rarely can watch a stream live). ^.^;

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I’ll be doing another session at 4PM today.

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Another stream today at 4PM EST. It’ll cover GenStage subscribe to with a registry and ETS table management.

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You can set your streams to automatically be stored for 14 days (60 if you have Twitch Prime) under your settings in your dashboard: https://www.twitch.tv/broadcast/dashboard/settings (scroll down to stream preferences). You can also connect your account to youtube and export from Twitch as well

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I didn’t know that. For those that don’t know, Twitch Prime is just Amazon Prime connected to your Twitch account.

Do you stream @danmcclain?

I do from time to time, I also work for Twitch :grin:


Streaming tonight at 8PM EST.

Streaming tonight at 8PM EDT. I’ll be building a generator mix task for conduit.

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Streaming again tonight 8-10PM EDT. Building another mix generator.

I’ve also settled on specific hours:
Tuesday and Thursday: 8-10PM EDT
Saturday: 4-6PM EDT

I will try to make it tonight, easier with the scheduled hours :slight_smile:

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Can you please specify the times in terms of difference to utc or military single letter time zones?

It’s easier to recognize for people that are not using those TLAs on a daily base…

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