Elixir usage in your local community

Just curious about the adoption rate of Elixir in your immediate community.

Are you seeing lots of local meet-ups? Is it pretty easy to find other devs interested in it? Is there interest among clients? Do you ever see people working with it at your local coffee shop, etc?

I am working in Japan, which “usually” is a step or two behind the States in terms of tech adoption (well, Ruby was a big exception). The language barrier means alot of people are simply dependent upon translated books to come out (and you can loosely infer what’s popular by looking at the bookshelves. Java/PHP/JS are still big here, for ex).

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Well, I’m living in northern germany and we have a single meetup in my area. Location is switching though so some days I have a long ride of an hour, sometimes its only a couple of minutes. There are more meetups available in other regions, but I do not care for them :wink: Audience in the meetups is ranging from 10 to 20 people.

Also I do know of at least one company in my area which uses elixir and has job offers on a regular basis.

The company I am working for is not specialised in any language. Currently everyone is free to choose “whatever gets the job done”. My current project has a hard requirement to have a small memory footprint, so we had choosen go over BEAM…

Also I do not think that waiting for translations is a problem here. Most programmers I do know in person are aware of the fact, that waiting for a translation is waiting for too long, so one buys english books and stuff. There are some people though that do wait for translations, but most of them are working in companies that still have stuff in COBOL and move slow in general.

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