Elixir use cases outside of the web and IoT

Hi all, I’ve posted here several times, but I’m still quite new here :slight_smile:

I was wondering if anyone is using Elixir in a context that isn’t related to IoT or the web which I believe comprise the most common use cases.

I’ve recently discovered Elixir and I love it but at this stage, I’ve only used it with Phoenix alone (which is also amazing, I’ve gotta say).

Looking forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:


You may find the recently announced Project Nx interesting then: Project Nx - predictions and potential use cases

I’ve developed an IVR system with Elixir, it utilises Asterisk to handle the actual SIP protocol.

Kind of amusing given your handle :wink:

I open sourced the Elixir library ex_ari

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Processing network packages (of any type) is a good use case for elixir/erlang

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Anything related to networking (on layer 4 and up, of course it is not suitable for L2 routing).

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Depends on the protocol. I’ve working prototypes of DALI (lighting protocol) and KNX (building automation) stacks completely in Elixir (except for a few lines of C for hard-realtime stuff). Certainly both are really slow (1200 and 9600 bit/s), but still.

Implementing a protocol with binary pattern matching is just great. You can literally copy the specs. Coming from C this is just mind-blowing for me at the moment.


Nice! And amusing indeed :slight_smile:

Yeah, thanks for pointing this out, this project is actually what prompted me to post this. Numerical analysis and ML are actually my area of expertise, so I’m quite keen to learn more about this project once it becomes available and perhaps even contribute to it if I can.

Hi, just saw your post.
We use elixir for multimedia processing, you can look at our github or website :wink: