Elixir Users' Survey 2016

I’ve just launched the Elixir Users’ Survey 2016

I do these every year. Here are 2014 and 2015:

I’d love it if you’d share it around with other elixir users you know :slight_smile: The more data we have, the more data the core team and the library authors will have.

This isn’t in any way an official thing, but I think I have a decent track record of doing a bunch of work to gather and collate this data and share it with interested parties :slight_smile:

I also posted this on reddit’s /r/elixir and the orange website if you felt like promoting it there :taco:

plug: https://www.dailydrip.com is my full-time thing now, making elixir and elm screencasts, if that’s your cup’o. I’m also still updating ElixirSips, but with DailyDrip I have full control of the platform and a chance to make this into something bigger.


You didn’t learn 2 times ;)… I would have been happy to write and read why it is complicated for me and others as well…

Didn’t learn what? I am curious what you’re saying.

I share some of your confusion. I take it to mean people have suggested to Josh each of the past 2 years of the survey to provide an optional explanation to the “it’s complicated” answer to the question whether Elixir is your favorite language or not.

@knewter did even say himself in the 2014 evaluation:

I’d love more feedback on why “It’s Complicated” won out here. I fall firmly in the Yes camp. At any rate, I was looking forward to the answers to this question and absolutely should have provided a text box for explanation of these answers :slight_smile:

@ vb.net, by force, not choice - count: 1


Yup, I goofed. If it’s any consolation, I spent at least 5 hours trying to track down notes of that very sort from past years, and found and added quite a few. My flawed humanity strikes again… :frowning:

I used the “It’s complicated” option for if it is my favorite language. My favorite language changes depending on what it is going to used for. :wink:

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Filled it!

Why no Haskell in “What other languages do you want to spend time with this year?”? I had to put PureScript and OCaml.