Elixir v1.10.1 released

Release: https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/releases/tag/v1.10.1

1. Bug fixes


  • [Code] Do not emit invalid code when formatting nil, false, and true keys in maps
  • [Kernel] Ensure with clauses properly unpack “implicit guards” (such as matching on the struct name)
  • [Kernel] Do not warn if commas are used by themselves in ~w/~W sigils
  • [Kernel] Do not validate the :line option in quote (the validation has been moved to v1.11 to give users more time to update their code)
  • [Module] Ensure the code verifier handles the :erlang.size/1 guard properly


  • [Logger] Properly handle the report_cb/2 option from Erlang
  • [Logger] Fix truncation for multi-byte characters
  • [Logger] Do not rebroadcast messages from remote nodes as this is now taken care by Erlang’s logger


  • [ExUnit] Ensure assert_receive produces valid exception messages in case of errors


  • [mix release] Make sure the install command (Window specific) works on paths with spaces in the name
  • [mix release] Allow using remote and rpc commands with Application.compile_env/3


  • Precompiled.zip SHA1: 606ffaff6c7c3d278d7daa1fee653aa8183f225f
  • Precompiled.zip SHA512: e8809aff909ca6e2271493690a6a095959e551f6d04e2d384ead0d6cfde23a3707492b53563b9a78080509b44728a63645dc37be108cd6ea3f9501f5d616fe1d
  • Docs.zip SHA1: bb050e0b56a2d32562f7c876f8eed53846b857fe
  • Docs.zip SHA512: be8ffec17cd15a439f78857eee615793d4d22a9b38b34df94d8546bb0f0b5745974115337cadcefebc82feef62d6f2d5a19f50f563f4efc9c9e4543815ccf85b

Have fun!


Nice, I installed the dev branch of it yesterday on a new machine, I guess I won’t need to update :slight_smile: