Elixir v1.12.0-rc.1 released

Release: Release v1.12.0-rc.1 · elixir-lang/elixir · GitHub

1. Enhancements


  • [Code] Add Code.cursor_context/2 to return the context of a code snippet
  • [Module] Add Module.reserved_attributes/0 to list all reserved attributes by the language
  • [String] Update to Unicode 13.0


  • [ExUnit] Add ExUnit.async_run/0 and ExUnit.await_run/1

2. Bug fixes


  • [Kernel] Do not ignore unimplemented signatures from generated functions
  • [Path] Do not crash when a volume is given to Path.absname/1, such as “c:”
  • [Protocol] Do not forbid defdelegate and defexception in protocol bodies - the restriction for defdelegate will be added back on v1.13 though (regression)


  • Precompiled.zip SHA1: a083f0f354ede10cb16088c868706b77bcce2a2b
  • Precompiled.zip SHA512: d669d3e4dc03fa9204d078aef84d0ed47cd2548f043cc57c677e151e0ba77ce453073e839789bc1336c8aa804cccb33692011c9455d6062e8e996e4c42642d31
  • Docs.zip SHA1: 651b54b0bfa47c8503c3002d880d2e96898e768a
  • Docs.zip SHA512: fb07171da7809c8f074eaddf029a478fdd778e360695de7834584bd4913ed6cb66b8db8c1c81408b3e791973dec56541d5e80e457247eef29bce5659fb25efdf

Have fun!


Thanks team! Lots of good stuff in 1.12.

I’m particularly happy to see Kernel.then, which provides a standard way to pipe values into functions where the piped value does not take the first position in the function’s arguments.

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