Elixir v1.13.1 released

Release: Release v1.13.1 · elixir-lang/elixir · GitHub

1. Bug fixes


  • [Code] Do not show code snippets in SyntaxError and TokenMissingError if line is empty
  • [Exception] Do not fail blaming ArgumentError for improper lists on apply/3
  • [Macro] Set a max line_length for Macro.to_string/1
  • [Macro] Fix formatting of lists on module attributes for Macro.to_string/1
  • [String] Fix incorrect codepoint byte counting in slice with negative positions in ranges
  • [Task] Ensure async streams can be consumed from another process than the one that creates them
  • [URI] Undeprecate URI.parse/1 as URI.new/1 is too strict in many common cases
  • [URI] Make sure URI.new/1 returns nil for empty paths


  • [IEx] Make sure the --version flag halts IEx


  • [Mix] Make protocol consolidation part of the Mix.install/2 cache


  • Precompiled.zip SHA1: 40762ffbef86cbbfd0c79a94e057fb987dc882ff
  • Precompiled.zip SHA512: bb02ead0d4ccf499ff0473fbbb17fd12de4ba476b463c0452138bc1ef9004547166e75ffe7c6f96b9497adc9fecbda4ad57bfe0f17f1ba95d8339a0e98c29b03
  • Docs.zip SHA1: 066586bc79319f6248b26143124b76520e995c19
  • Docs.zip SHA512: 7c33c6208250a88646ffc2a2f74a944e7f1a9c69473791e9faaf054bd476876a1dd80d8c792a5c47b5bf350a77c0ba4ef191f3b4509b9e962d2514ef88bff9a3

Have fun!


Nitpicking mode: can’t we have a permissive flag for URI.new/1?

Maybe that’s how we would do it if there was no parse function but it is not worth forcing a change in users for that.

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Thank you :heart:


I found this update for MAC (homebrew) but not for Ubuntu/Debian (apt-get) are the dep packages released yet?

Package repositories are not maintained by the elixir team. When releases become available depends on the individual repositories and their maintainers/update strategies.

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Elixir v13 (sans the incorrect codepoint byte counting in slice) is a true pleasure to work with. A big thank you to the Core Team for the leap forward. And happy new year to everyone!

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