Elixir v1.15.1 released

1. Enhancements

  • [Code] Code.string_to_quoted/2 honors :static_atoms_encoder for multi-letter sigils

2. Bug fixes


  • [ExUnit.CaptureLog] Fix race condition on concurrent capture_log
  • [ExUnit.CaptureLog] Respect options passed to nested capture_log calls
  • [ExUnit.Doctest] Properly compile doctests without results terminated by fences
  • [ExUnit.Doctest] Allow variables defined in doctests to be used in expectation


  • [IEx] Ensure pry works on Erlang/OTP 25 and earlier while IEx is booting
  • [IEx] Code.Fragment.surround_context considers surround context around spaces and parens


  • [Logger] Do not assume Logger has been loaded at compile-time
  • [Logger.Formatter] Properly handle :function as metadata


  • [mix compile] Ensure the current project is available on the code path after its Elixir sources are compiled
  • [mix compile] Guarantee yecc/leex are available when emitting warnings from previous runs
  • [mix compile] Fix bug where an external resource was deleted after its
    mtime was successfully retrieved
  • [mix compile] Track removed modules and exports across local deps
  • [mix deps] Fix an issue where dependencies could not be started in an umbrella projects
  • [mix release] Properly handle optional dependencies when there is a conflict in the application start mode
  • [mix release] Remove --werl from release scripts on Erlang/OTP 26

There was a small regression on Windows, so v1.15.2 has been released: Release v1.15.2 · elixir-lang/elixir · GitHub


Trying out Elixir 1.15.2 + OTP 26.02 on a Windows2016 server installation for a client:

I cant move beyond this error:

** (Mix) httpc request failed with: {:failed_connect, [{:to_address, {~c"builds.hex.pm", 443}}, {:inet, [:inet], {:tls_alert, {:unknown_ca, ~c"TLS client: In state wait_cert_cr at ssl_handshake.erl:2138 generated CLIENT ALERT: Fatal - Unknown CA\n"}}}]}

Can you open https://builds.hex.pm/ in IE on that machine without error?

Mix should try to validate the TLS cert using the trusted CAs on the system (via :httpc. ssl_verify_host_options/1).

sorry, was an internet issue on that server.

it worked once that was resolved.