Elixir v1.4.5 released

Elixir v1.4.5 has been released with fixes for those interested in running Erlang/OTP 20: https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/releases/tag/v1.4.5



Great! Another thing, on what version can we expect the @impl and defoverridable using module name get released? I check the issue but there’s no information about it. Anyway, thank you for the release.

It is always in the next release, which in this case is v1.5.0. Release candidate should be out this week, latest next week.


@josevalim Is iex history enabled out of the box now or do we need to do something to enable it?

Instructions are available on this PR https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/pull/6242/files#diff-c8e03bd80cd8f9826c3ec4a2f88dcc33R30


Excellent, thank you!

Edit: Though I am surprised it isn’t somehow enabled by default. It seems like it would add quality of life for everybody.

Added a comment in the PR. I can help.

The feature is considered experimental by the OTP team. If everything works correctly, I’m pretty sure it will be on by default in the next release.


Great news! Thank you all for the effort! :tada:

@mischov: I’m currently using erlang-history.

Just trying out the history, I have ERL_AFLAGS=-kernel shell_history enabled in my env and it works great but I’ve noticed one little wrinkle. If I quit with C-c C-c the last command isn’t saved. If I use C-g q then it is. (It’s the same in erl too). Time to re-train the quit muscle memory :slight_smile: