Elixir v1.6.0-rc.1 released

Hi everyone,

We are glad to announce that the second release candidate for Elixir v1.6.0 is out.

Check out the CHANGELOG and give the release candidate a try. Since this is a pre-release, you may not find it in package manager, so you will have to use the precompiled packages, a version manager, or compile from source.

Thanks everyone who gave it a try and reported bugs so far.

Happy coding!


Thanks! :bow:

So far I’ve been testing our project with the RC-0 version and I have not found any problems. In fact everything has worked properly and the compilation times have been reduced.


I’m wondering about the status of stream_data. Won’t it be included in 1.6?

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It won’t - it has been moved to 1.7 so we can collect more feedback and evolve it further before merging.


I’ve tested with both of the release candidates so far and had no issues.

There are a tremendous number of warnings from dependencies and GenServer implementations that don’t have an init, but the performance improvements make up for it.

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I’m using both the formatter and DynamicSupervisor without issue so far.

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Exactly what does previous RC only mean? For example:

[Kernel] Allow defguard to call another defguard (previous RC only)

Does that mean that the previous RC did not include that change?

Edit: Ah, I guess it means that it’s fixing a bug that only existed since the last RC.


How can I install 1.6 with homebrew?

brew install elixir --HEAD gets me 1.7-dev

brew install elixir gets me 1.5.2

Appreciate the tip!

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Compiling from source should be straight-forward. If you use something like asdf or kiex it should handle pre-releases correctly too.


Sergio - another option you may wish to try.

Find exenv very helpful.

exenv install 1.6.0-rc.1
exenv local 1.6.0-rc.1
exenv global 1.6.0-rc.1
exenv rehash


I’ve also found exenv to be the easiest and best tool for keeping track of Elixir versions. Note that the local command is per folder so you can keep versions for each project. I use master for some projects but have locked some to 1.6.


I’ve been using 1.6 branch for at least two months in my projects. I had some minor issues with deps compilation but the overall quality is very good. rc1 looks fine too.
I haven’t formatted my whole codebase as there are cases where the formatter decreases source readability and it’s not worth the huge diffs.
I think that the changelog should mention String.split by "" as a breaking change though. IMO it’s previous behavior was not a bug to begin with and the change did break my code.


I’ll second that you should give a version manager a try. Any of the Elixir specific version managers will do the trick, but I highly recommend asdf.

If you work with any other languages there is a good chance you need to manage those as well, asdf will do that just as well as it manages Elixir. On our team we manage Erlang, Elixir, Node, Python and Ruby versions with the same tool.


I use it for same tools, and… it work’s great :wink: Any problems I had was actually due to the problems with ruby sources in general, and not the asdf per se.