Elixir Weekly Exercise - Master OTP with Weekly Practice (self-published)

I have created a new Product, based on The Weekly Python Exercise I am now releasing Weekly Elixir Exercise, an inexpensive way to get practice in OTP with exercises in such topics as Setting up Supervisors, aspects of GenServers and Property-Based Testing

Level Up your use of Elixir with the Elixir Weekly Exercise.

This course is a 15 week long workshop conducted over email to help Elixir developers better understand the structure of Elixir & OTP Applications.

Every Monday you will get an Elixir Problem to solve, and I will send you a solution in both video and text format on Thursday. This will give you an incentive to try out new techniques in your Elixir Development that you might not have been familiar with before.

In addition you will get access to a private Slack channel to discuss the problems with others.

This course is aimed at people who have some existing knowledge of Elixir, but wish to level up their Elixir skills to get ready to face more complex problems at work. An introductory course will be out soon

Topics Covered (Each will be more than 1 exercise)

  • Building Supervision Trees
  • Understanding Supervision Strategy
  • Building Systems with GenServers
  • Upgrading GenServers
  • ETS and Mnesia
  • Property Based Testing


The course is $79 (USD), if you have a group of 5 or more I will be happy to give you a discount, please email me to set it up.

If you are unhappy in the first 2 weeks just ask for a refund and I will be happy to give you one.



Do you have any plans for TDD?
Or will you focus on Property Based Testing from now?

I was going to Focus on Property Based Testing in this one, but may do some TDD at some point, maybe doing TDD with Properties.