ElixirConf 2019: 0-60 in under 3: How Cars.com and DockYard Manufactured a Productive Elixir Team in Under 3 Months - Daniel Mackey

by @heymackey

Companies are beginning to understand the benefits of Elixir’s speed and performance in their web development projects. But they still see a lack of Elixir developers as a hurdle to switching technologies. When Cars.com decided to replace its 20-year-old tech stack with Elixir, they faced that very hurdle. Instead of maintaining the status quo, Cars.com decided to build its own Elixir team and embarked on a project to streamline 250+ microservices into one efficient app.

In this talk, Cars.com Engineering Manager Daniel Mackey will discuss the Cars.com decision-making that led their team to Elixir and to seek outside expertise from DockYard and others. DockYard Lead Project Engineer Mike Binns will then discuss the process of coaching a team of 20+ developers, with backgrounds in languages ranging from Java to Ruby to Javascript, into productive Elixir developers in under three months.

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