ElixirConf 2019: Building the Tomorrow Classroom with Elixir - Pedro Hernández and Norberto Ortigoza

Bunsan has been a software company running 100% remotely since foundation three years ago. We care about continuous learning and find out that remote working platforms and collaboration tools won’t cover those needs, cause they are too broad or too specific. So we have built Tich: a virtual classroom with a real-time whiteboard, screen sharing, and video calls. We want to share you the significant challenges and how we use amazing technologies like Elixir, Phoenix, Janus WebRTC, and Apple Pencil to create Tich.

We want to share with you our experience working on this project and how Elixir/Phoenix fits perfectly for our needs.

Talk objectives:

How we built a real-time education platform with Elixir/Phoenix

Show the power of Phoenix Channels in mobile and web platforms

Explain the challenges of building a real-time whiteboard using the Apple Pencil

How the application communicates with RabbitMQ and Janus

Share our experience working with Elixir along with Elm and Vue.js.

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