ElixirConf 2019: Membrane Framework - Bringing Elixir into the World of Multimedia Processing - Mateusz Front

by @mat-hek

Media processing has never been a piece of cake - a large amount of data, tons of different formats, protocols and standards, growing latency, and quality requirements. In this talk, I’ll introduce you to the world of media processing via Membrane Framework - our solution for dealing with multimedia without pain. The framework provides a set of so-called elements, which are composable blocks implementing different multimedia processing operations.

During the talk, you’ll get familiar with this concept, other solutions introduced in the framework, and the key aspects of dealing with multimedia in general. I’ll describe the Membrane way of creating reliable and scalable media streaming pipelines, and mention other approaches.

The talk will also cover the gains and difficulties of basing the framework on BEAM and Elixir, which means bringing them into the world of multimedia.

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