ElixirConf 2023 - Zach Daniel - Ash 3 0 Better Together

ElixirConf: ElixirConf 2023 - Zach Daniel - Ash 3 0 Better Together

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I believe this talk was a tipping point for many of us. Great talk!

Phoenix is a unique framework; it’s not really a framework in the traditional sense found in other languages (don’t call us, we’ll call you- kinda motto). Instead, it’s just part of the user request and HTML rendering pipeline created by Plug. It doesn’t impose any specific opinions on how to structure, represent, or access data and business rules. This is particularly fantastic once you move beyond the ‘hello world’ stage (who hasn’t faced some challenges dealing with a framework’s magic?).

Ash fit’s right there, where phoenix tells you to write a context and do what ever you need or want.

I truly appreciate Elixir for how its tools are composable. In this case, you can seamlessly use one, two, or none of these tools to achieve your desired outcome.


Nice talk indeed. Thx!

I’m intrigued by the duality between regular Elixir code and SQL filters. It’s something I’ve tackled many times before, encoding business rules both in Elixir code and in queries. Where can I read more about that subject? I’ve found this: Expressions — ash v2.15.17 but maybe there is a better resource when starting out fresh.

Right now that is probably the best resource that we have, but you’re definitely right about how our expressions aim to solve for that duality by being “portable” instead of running on a single data layer (I.e can be run in elixir, SQLite, Postgres).