ElixirConf Africa 2021 - First Elixir Conference in Africa

Africa is hosting its very first Elixir conference and we will be thrilled to have you string along. We promise to give you amazing opportunities such as getting a chance to interact with people across the globe, learning amazing skills as well as sharpening your existing skills. Come meet a diverse range of people from investors to peers and even competitors and get to exchange ideas and insights. Get the motivation to step out of your comfort zone and identify what is beneficial to you.

Sharing your ideas aloud with like-minded people or maybe better, presenting those ideas on forums ahead of an audience brings in new perspectives. Ideas, when presented and discussed, begin more refined than what they originally were presented as. We are giving you the platform to present your ideas to the world. We already have an amazing speaker line up exclusively just for you. Our speaker slots are still available and we are accepting speakers regardless of seniority level. Feel free to sign up here.

By attending the conference, you strike yourself a chance of staying ahead and being in the know of emerging new trends. Being among and interesting with the highest minds within the world will assist you to cultivate an entirely new perspective. Come and get to have an amazing experience, an experience worth your time and value by signing up for this form to attend.

Official site: https://elixirconf.africa
Call for speakers: (closing soon): Elixir conf Africa: Call for Speakers/Papers @ Sessionize.com
Tickets link: Elixir Conf Africa 2021 Tickets, Fri, May 7, 2021 at 8:00 AM | Eventbrite
Dates: May 7th and 8th 2021