ElixirConf Africa 2024 has been cancelled

On sort of an inverted note, https://ElixirConf.Africa has been CANCELED, and it sounds permanent. They did not notify submitters, nor update the website, the only clue seems to be a pinned post on their Twitter account (https://twitter.com/ElixirConfAfric/status/1765671755085959334/photo/1), from nearly three weeks ago. I only found it while trying to hunt down any info on how soon they would decide on my submissions.

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Is this the first ElixirConf Africa?

If I understand rightly, they had at least two before, but they were online. But I could be wrong.

That’s sad.

Indeed. Most of the continent could use more of a tech industry, and conferences can help promote it. And an Elixir conf could of course also promote Elixir, getting a comparatively strong foothold into Africa’s tech scene.