ElixirConf EU 2018 in Warsaw - April 16-17 – who’s going?



I’ll be there! Giving a talk tomorrow on gen_tcp, so thankfully I’ll be relaxed for the rest of the conference :slight_smile:


@josevalim gave a wonderful opening keynote about ‘Hughes Driven Development’ (going both into the new Code Formatter of Elixir v1.6 and the Property Testing that v1.7 will introduce) and received a huge 3d-printed Elixir logo :smiley:


That 3D printed logo looks awesome :sunglasses:

Hope you’re all having a great time :023:


The forum was well-represented in the lightning talks. I spoke about Belt which was first presented here and @Qqwy talked about his Container Challenge on the forum. :smile:


Awesome! Can’t wait to see the vids :003:


And I gave super fast talk about mox :slight_smile:


I was just thinking: Oh, I forgot @hubertlepicki’s talk, I should edit my post, but you were faster :wink:


It was super fast and super condensed with valuable information, I really liked it! I need to use your presence here tomorrow to use you with some discussion on how to make a testing framework for my project. Beware!


ok. I am coming late today with slower head for obvious reasons…


Unfortunately I couldn’t make it this year. Does anyone know of any blog posts summarising the talks / conf are up yet?


It will take a while until the videos are up, and I might write a blog post with some recommendations again :slight_smile: