ElixirConf EU 2023 Trainings | 18-19 April | Lisbon

This April in Lisbon we have one of the biggest ElixirConf EU events of all-time and are now officially sold out, but you can still get involved by registering to one of our training / tutorials.
We have trainings for all skill levels and interests, take and find a training that meets your needs.

  1. Testing server Side elixir | Jeffrey Matthias & Roland Tritsch
    Key takeaways:
    • 50-50 slides and excircise testing server.
    • Create a landscape of all testing scenarios
    Training Objectives: Attendees will walk away from this training with a clear understand what testing options/approaches are available to them and which one to pick/use in a given situation. Attendees will have also learned valuable lessons-learned from the instructors experience when/while testing a large-scale SaaS platform (at Community.com). Furthermore, attendees will walk away from the training with a lot of working blue-print code that shows how to use the frameworks and tools.

  2. Dive Into Webrtc With | Bartosz Błaszków & Radosław Szuma
    Key takeaways:
    • Create your own WebRTC-enabled app
    • Get knowledge that can be used outside Jellyfish And Membrane
    Training Objectives:
    • Learn the basics of WebRTC technology
    • See Jellyfish in action
    • Explore building a web app with real-time video communication

  3. Phoenix Application Security | Michael Lubas
    Key takeaways:
    • Examples ofsecurity problems on web applications
    • Good for company ROI and your CV
    • See what happend from the attacker’s side
    Training Objectives:
    • Introduce web application security vulnerabilities, and how they occur in Phoenix applications
    • Show vulnerable code in Elixir/Phoenix, and have students run the code locally to understand how it works
    • Demonstrate tools to prevent and fix these vulnerabilities. https://www2.elixirconf.eu/PhoenixApplicationSecurity/

  4. Create An Airbnb Clone Using Phoenix Liveview | Shankar Dhanasekaran
    Key takeaways:
    • Learn all the cool new features in Phoenix 1.7
    • Build your next LiveView project
    Training Objectives:
    Attendees will learn all the features of Phoenix LiveView. They will get a complete code base of a working mini-AirBnB clone to learn. Attendees are expected to have basic Elixir language, but by the end of the training, they will be able to understand the full flow of control from request to response with all the Elixir magic in-between demystified.

  5. Concurrent Data Processing In Elixir | Andrea Leopardi
    Key takeaways:
    • Exposed to tools specific to Elixir.
    • How to choose between those tools .
    • The foundationss to make this tools and understand how they work.
    Training Objectives: You’ll leave familiar with techniques and strategies to take the most advantage of tools such as GenStage, Broadway, and Flow. You’ll also see plenty of examples, such as:
    • Reacting to async events in your system, such as AWS S3 uploads (through SNS notifications) (Broadway)
    • Event-source systems (Broadway)
    • Rate-limiting outgoing requests, whatever “request” means (GenStage)