ElixirConf EU Virtual - June 18 to 19 2020- Online

Hey team,

Just wanted to let you know that early bird tickets to ElixirConf EU Virtual close on June 5, at 11:59pm CEST (European time). You can get them at

We’ve already secured some fantastic speakers including Chris McCord, Anna Neyzberg, Amos King, Chris Keathley, Jane Walerud, Carolina Pascale, Susumu Yamazaki, Justin Schneck, Boyd Multerer and more.

The excitement is building and we expect 100’s of Elixir users from around the world to join in a day of knowledge sharing, networking and inspiration.


Hey all,
Just a quick update to say the full schedule for ElixirConf EU virtual is now live. There are over 250 Elixir community members from around the world already joining us. It’s a great opportunity to share, inspire and network with fellow Elixir users.
See the schedule and book at https://virtual.elixirconf.eu/#schedule


Are the videos of these talks posted anywhere? I’d like to watch Chris McCord’s keynote.


I too am waiting for the same. In fact so many in the community are also waiting for it.

Hi all,

Keynote videos will be released shortly.

Please note, not all talks from virtual events will be released as public videos straight after our virtual conferences.

Thank you

We should add.

Raw videos from the day have been made available to ticket holders. So, if you had a ticket and haven’t been able to access the videos please do get in touch.

Thank you.

Hey @sreyansjain and @AndyL,
Videos are available now at https://www2.elixirconf.eu/elixirconfeukeynotetalks or on the Code Sync Youtube channel.


Thank you so so much.