ElixirConf EU Virtual - October 7-8 2020 - Online

We’re happy to announce that the ElixirConf EU Virtual schedule is now available online at https://www2.elixirconf.eu/elixirconfeuvirtual2forums

The event will kick off at 1pm CEST to allow as many of our friends in Europe and North America as possible to join.

In June we had over 400 attendees, and we think the speaking line up for this event is just as big (if not bigger).

We have 33 speakers including Chris McCord, Andrea Leopardi and Sophie DeBenedetto. We also have a talk from Simon de Haan who will tell us how the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 hotline service was launched in 5 days time using Elixir.


We’re just over a week away and we’ve been asked about how a virtual conference works on other forums.
The team has worked hard on coming up with something that offers the vibrant social and networking opportunities that we know are an extremely important part of any conference.
We use the Whova conferencing app to run forums, members there regularly start their own meetups, allowing them to meet Elixir users in their city they didn’t know about.
We have prominent guest speakers hosting informal ask me anything sessions, allowing users to meet and get to know key figures of the community.
There is a job board where any attendee can post their job opportunities.
There are sections for resource sharing and any attendee can message any other attendee in the app, which is a great opportunity to reach out and catch up with old friends.
Here’s a piece of feedback from our last event that we are really proud of:

“ I thought it could be close the watching a series of videos on Youtube, but it was closer to being on a normal conference”


For those interested, the purple carpet is free for anyone to attend. This will be a fun, live streamed social event and a great way to meet the speakers before we start the conference. Head to the Code Sync YouTube channel on Monday, 5 October at 5pm CEST to join.

We’ve also announced our “ask me anything” sessions, which are informal sessions with a panel of speakers where guests are encouraged to turn their cameras and mics on and ask the guests whatever they like about the topic. This time around we have:

Ask me anything about Elixir Core Team
Speakers: Andrea Leopardi, Fernando Tapia Rico

Ask me anything about Phoenix LiveView
Speakers: Sandesh Soni, Bruce Tate

Ask me anything about coming to Elixir from other programming languages
Speakers: Juliana Helena, Manuel Rubio

Ask me anything about Nerves
Speakers: Ju Liu, André Albuquerque

Ask me anything about coding for good
Speakers: Simon de Haan, Sigu Magwa, Linda Achieng Otieno


Will the talks be later on YouTube? I don’t think I’ll be able to watch everything live.

Hey Egze,
Only the keynotes will be on YouTube directly after the conference.
All talks are recorded and available via the Whova app which we use for the conference for 90 days after the conference.

A couple bits of last minute content before we kick off tomorrow.

  1. The purple carpet yesterday is a great chance to meet some of the speakers and people involved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvZzp70VE8A

  2. Our video explaining how to use the Whova conference app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czvkEMceBWw