Elixirconf US 2020 videos for sale?

I noticed on the elixir conf 2020 website it says the videos from the conference will be for sale? I’m assuming this is instead of being posted on youtube? Wasn’t sure if anybody can confirm it.


From the FAQ (emphasis mine):

Will videos of the talks be published after the conference?

The Keynotes will be publicly published after the conference. Ticket holders will have access to the recorded talks after the conference. Access to the talks may be purchased after the conference by non-ticket holders. At some point, all videos will be publicly available.

For me this reads like, “the less you pay, the longer you have to wait”. Which I am totally fine with.


Interesting. Yeah I didn’t even look at the FAQ.

Thanks for pointing this out - is this on a public URL I can cite? I can’t readily find it on the conference site.

Just scroll down a bit…

Its a bit above the pictures of the speakers. On my desktop at least.

I can’t provide a screenshot easily right now.

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Found it, thank you!

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I wonder what their definition of “after the conference is” for the keynotes.

Right now we’re after the conference but the official Elixir Conf channel on Youtube doesn’t have the keynotes yet, but the FAQ says they will be published after the conference.

I read the FAQ as the keynotes would be available very shortly after the conference (maybe a day or 2 or 3) and the other non-keynote talks could be weeks or months away.

3 keynotes are up on the YouTube channel now.