🚙 ElixirConf USA 2021 - Rideshare?

For my first developer conference, I have purchased tickets to ElixirConf in Austin this year. :man_dancing: I can’t wait to meet folks from the community, have some interesting conversations, and hear about what’s planned for the future of Elixir.

I will be traveling from Michigan, and I am considering making this a road trip. So, I’m looking for 1-3 conference-goers who would split the cost of gas and hotels along the way. Ideally, we would arrive in Austin Monday with time to see some sights and decompress. We could head back north as early as Thursday or as late as Saturday depending on everyone’s schedules and budget.

So, if you’re headed to ElixirConf from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, or Ohio and you’re interested in a road trip, let me know and we can discuss specifics via DM/Discord/group SMS.


I am sure this would be a lot of fun and make for a great YouTube blog/vid - if it happens please consider doing one :003:


Update! I signed up for NervesConf Oct 11, too, so I want to arrive on the 10th to have time to rest. Leaving early-ish on the 9th should give plenty of time for the drive and unexpected delays.

I’m holding off on plane tickets for a few more weeks. It’s been a few years since I went on a road trip, and I do kinda miss driving through the states.

@AstonJ I plan on taking my camera, though I tend to take more photos than video these days. Postcards maybe?

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