ElixirConf19 ClusterTruck Kitchen Tour + Brewery Hang Thursday 8/29

We’re teaming up with ClusterTruck to host a hang in Denver the Thursday night of ElixirConf.

We’ll head into town after the lightning talks Thursday evening; the main hang will be at the Woods Boss Brewing Company with drinks on us and food courtesy of ClusterTruck. Brian and Dan from ClusterTruck will lead small groups on tours of the kitchen which is apparently super close nearby.

Hope some of you can make it out! We’re charging a nominal fee to try to get a close-to-accurate RSVP / headcount; use the code ElixirConf19 for 50% off your ticket.


Well, that sounds awesome…

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hmmmm, doesn’t seem to ever be a chance to use the promo code

oh no! that’s no good. let me look into that and see what’s happening.

hi @sribe it seems to be working - it is a bit hard to spot the location for the discount code in the web view, but it is there. After you click the ‘Tickets’ button, the promo code link is right above where it says ‘General Admission’ sort of in the upper left corner of the screen. Let me know if that still doesn’t work for you, it was hard for me to spot when I went looking for it just now as well.

It’s clearly there now… I looked pretty carefully before at every screen, but who knows :wink:

Slightly off-topic… but just had to say ClusterTruck looks awesome! Love the branding and I’ve always thought Elixir would be a good fit for a high-traffic delivery model like that.

Wonder if it’d be worth doing a write up and posting it (and a link to your podcast) in our #showcase section too? :003:

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I asked in Slack, but maybe here is a better place. How is ClusterTruck using Elixir? Is it in scheduling deliveries, or something else?

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I don’t have a quick answer for you, but we did a whole podcast episode with Ryan Billingsley on how ClusterTruck uses Elixir in Production. There’s also a transcript if you’d rather read than listen.


Thanks. I skimmed the transcript. Seems like Elixir is being used to supply customers with realtime status of their orders via channels and a custom Slack integration. Nice.

Kind of funny naming, I thought it had to do with the video game. :smiley:


Yeaaah! ME TOOOO!! :rofl: Was kind of dissapointed when found out it was not… :confused:

Please don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I’m keen to see a game written in Elixir that goes well on market. :smiley: